Thursday, July 28, 2005

What color is my frustration

After reading Prez's blog ( ) on what the color of fear may be, I started thinking about how I am feeling this very moment, and what color that should be.

You see, I am frustrated right now. Lost, really. This happens to me once-in-awhile...I start missing the meaning of life and why I go on every day. Not to sound overly dramatic, but I assume everyone, or almost everyone, wakes up some mornings and just thinks "Why?"

Why do I feel so lost today? Why do I feel a lack of meaning? A lack of purpose? Why am I usually so motivated and so excited to wake feeling so pointless today?

But it wasn't until I thought "What color do I feel right now?" could I even sense the true pulse of my BLAH feelings for the day. So although I can say I don't know the color of my mood, I can say that by trying to discover that color, I realized what my mood truly was.

Colorful it may not be.


prez said...

Your frustration is hot pink.

prez said...

I want more blogs!