Friday, July 15, 2005

San Diego In a Nutshell

I just recently moved to San Diego from the Bay Area, and I believe I saw the essence of this city a few weeks ago. I was at a Padre's game and I had had about a beer or ten. My friend and I decided that our seats were not good enough, so we moved to a much nicer and more open area.

Of course the thing to do at this point would be to keep a low profile. Maybe not say a word for an inning or two and try to blend in with the masses. Well, the second my butt hits the seat I start yelling "MVP...MVP...MVP" for Derrek Lee who is at the plate for the Cubs. I shit you not, within moments, all the Cubs fans in the entire stadium (and there were a lot of them) also start chanting "MVP...MVP...MVP"

We were only in those seats about two minutes.

Anyway, after we were pleasantly asked to return to our "other" seats, we decided to hang out with all the drunk peeps over in the bleacher section. They have this metallic, mini-slab of a table set up there so all the drunks can rest their beers and/or walk directly into it and almost kill themselves (not that I did that...oh no...) in that part of the stadium, so we hung out there.
While standing in this beer tank...I got to watch all the young, drunk, die hard Padre fans taunt and mock every single Cubs fan that walked by. I was fascinated. Completely. Utterly. No matter the size of the man in the Cubs attire: "Take that F'in shirt off" was not too far behind. "Go back to Chicago, you dick" they would scream.

But wouldn't you know it. After ten, twenty minutes of heckle after heckle...screaming at 6'10" behemoths...body name it...ONE tiny black male walks by in a Cubs uniform...and every single one of those drunk, frat-like Padre fans shut the hell up.

THAT is San Diego in a nutshell.

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Lali said...

Sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't.