Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dream Interpretation

Two nights ago I had a very odd dream... and I would like a REAL dream interpretation. Meaning: Don't respond with "It means you're gay" or the like. =)

The dream started with me inside this huge multipurpose room. I am surrounded by Mexicans (and I don't mean any other nationality...they happened to all be from Mexico). There is a metallic box in the middle of the room, and my job is to follow a different Mexican over the box repeating what he has just said in Spanish. Each time we do this, two odd things happen: (1) What is said each time is harder and harder for me to understand, although, for some reason, I have to pretend like I COMPLETELY get it and (2) my three-year-old nephew pops out from hiding in various places in the room and yells out "Blah blah blah blah-blah-blah, Uncle Mark." I either don't remember now what he was saying or maybe I didn't understand then, but I stopped and smiled/laughed every time he did this.

Next, I am in my condo in San Diego, and my girlfriend leaves my room to go get the front door. On her way there, I start having this feeling that I am having a re-occurring dream, although, in reality, I am not. Basically, I get the feeling that what is about to happen has all happened before, and I have no control of changing certain outcomes. By the time I get to the front door, a man with a mustache has already punched my girlfriend in the stomach, and my roommate's stomach, too. They are nowhere to be seen, I just know he has done this. Also, I know that if I don't stop him, the next thing that will happen is that he is going to smash my girlfriend's and my roommate's noses....and eventually, he is going to kill them.

Next, this man is just a bloody mass on my kitchen floor. The only discernible body part is his head, which is attached to a neck-like object which has been completely flattened to the floor. He has no real appendages, and where his body should be is also a flattened, bloody-like mass. I know I have done this to him, but I didn't see myself doing it to him in the dream.

Although this man cannot move, and is basically just a head, he is still telling me that he is going to kill my roommate and my girlfriend, and I know if I don't do something, he will somehow. I let him know that I can't let him do that...but he keeps arguing with me. So, I take out a pizza cutter, and say, "Well, this is the last thing you are going to remember, then." And I sever this talking head from what remained of this mass of mush. He lets out one last gasp, and I feel like I have changed the future somehow.

There was no real emotion in this dream...I didn't wake up feeling like anything odd had happened or frightened or upset. I have never killed anyone in a dream before.

Any thoughts?


prez said...

I've killed in a dream before - didn't see it happen, but knew I had done it.

In my professional opinion, I think your dream clearly means you want to have a 3some with Jamie and Christine.

lali said...

Though my initial thoughts led me to be disturbed that you could kill (even in dreamland) without "real emotion," I have now decided that your inner self is only expressing that you would protect your gf and your roomie without hesitation. I can respect that...

And, about the first part of your dream, I'm sure that your nephew's gibberish and Spanish sound just about the same to you. = )

Chris said...

I think it means that you're gay.

Anonymous said...

Comments, comments, comments!!! tee hee