Friday, July 15, 2005

Control Is The Meat Of The Burrito

So, I am setting up a Blog. I finally give in. Here it goes:

Seeing as this is my first Blog, I thought I would talk about something important. Something juicy. Something people could stick their teeth into...and that, my friends, is to weigh in on the Fat Burger vs. In & Out Burger debate (notice all those puns in the previous sentence? I am so clever). I had no idea this was such a controversial topic, but as I flip through the meat of this heated discussion, I will chuck my opinion into the open flame, rare as that may be. OK...I'll stop with that crap.

Anyway, there is no real contest: In & Out is by far the superior burger. The fries at Fat Burger are MUCH better than In & Out, though.


Although I should post the following on, since this is my first evening of blogging, I thought I would do a favor and relay some culinary expertise right here. I just went to a burrito shop across the street from my house named Reybertos (not to be confused with Robertos, Albertos, or any other bertos in San Diego).

On Reybertos' breakfast menu, they have something called, oddly enough, "The Breakfast Burrito" that I went to Reybertos specifically to order. This burrito consists of three items: egg, salsa, and cheese. I felt like having eggs...and eggs I would have.

Mark: I would like the Breakfast Burrito, please. *beaming with pride*

Counter "Guy": We no more serving these.

Mark: I see.

Foiled by the Counter "Guy," I turned my attention to the Reybertos' lunch menu. I was still very much yearning for eggs, when my eye fell upon something: Could it be? "The Machaca Burrito" consisting of four items: meat, egg, salsa, and cheese. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Mark: I would like the Machaca Burrito, please. *eyebrow raising*

Counter "Guy": Para here or mumble mumble.

Is there a point in life when someone should just take a step back and honestly look at themselves and say: "Self, you are a complete moron."

Today may very well have been that day for the Reybertos' Counter "Guy."

On the other hand, perhaps the last laugh was on me. I did succumb to his wishes. I did give in and indeed did order the Machaca Burrito.

Who's the moron? This guy, right here. With the stomach full of Machaca Burrito.


lali said...

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Succumb to the Counter Guy's wishes and the world laughs at you.

prez said...

I must know... was the Machaca Burrito tasty?